Friday, March 29, 2013


I've always wanted to homeschool. But can't. There's the part of my reality where I have to work to pay the bills and even if I could make that go away or tuck neatly around my time with the kids 50/50 legal of my oldest means if her dad says no that means no and if I fight it I would risk a judge taking away my primary physical custody. In fact keeping her in the same public school every year gives me the best defense if he tries to get custody later, can't disrupt that stability.

I can complain about the crappy food they serve her, but we've already established I don't do better at home. She has clearly learned the requisite reading, writing, addition, and subtraction and not brought home any bad habits she couldn't have learned here.

So for now I try to help them learn at home in the evening when I am home. Last night was Community Circus practice for the 6 year old. I jotted down some notes on how to use examples from circus to help her with some of the conceptual physics in the second grade curriculum and practiced some positional words with my 2 year old. "Watch her climb on top of the ladder, now they are upside down, he is inside the hoop..."

When she got bored with that we went for a little walk and found...

Look real close there is three phases of ladybird beetle here. 

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